Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quick Book Review -- In the Name of Honour

In the Name of Honour – by Mukhtar Mai, with Marie-Thérèse Cuny (translated into English by Linda Coverdale)
This is the tremendously inspiring story of Mukhtar Mai, also known as Mukhtaran Bibi, a peasant woman in a remote village in Pakistan who in 2002 was “sentenced” to being gang-raped by her village tribal council. Mukhtar Mai does not dwell on the despair she undoubtedly felt after the “sentence” was carried out, focusing instead on her fight for justice and human dignity.

Depite all the translation the book required, it speaks simply and forcefully of a woman with an immense strength of character and spirit. Overcoming an initial urge to commit suicide, Mukhtar Mai chose instead to stand up for her rights and the rights of all women in her country.

Against all odds, fighting corrupt local police and high-level government pressure, she told the world her story and pushed her case through to the Supreme Court. Along the way, she became a symbol of women’s rights and an advocate for education, especially for girls.

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