Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Love and Light and Abc Wednesdays

The news has been pretty grim lately and my last few posts have been too. It’s time for some light-hearted fun, so I’m joining Sylvia From Over the Hill in her Abc Wednesday. Check it out!

This week's letter is L, which stands for love and light.

From my Wandering Pam blog, here's love in the wild:

L is also for lights in the sky:

Otherwise known as orbs, or circles of light:

But now always circular:

(See this older post for more.)

And, finally, L is for lamps. My beautiful capiz shell lamp from the Philippines and my other favourite, bought I think in Hong Kong, which allows me to display my silver Thai monk too.

Read more about capiz here.

And now, love and light to you all. Ciao.

Next Abc: M is for Meditation (on my Terataii blog).