Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love and loss

Nine years ago today, I lost my 20-year-old nephew. Thousands of families lost loved ones that day in a horrific earthquake in western India, so we weren't the only ones to suffer loss. But each family deals with tragedy in its own way.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Idiot terrorist sets his own ass on fire

Being a former journalist, I'm usually quite defensive about criticism of the media. But this – probably tongue-in-cheek – letter in Newsweek got me thinking. Why doesn't the press report in this spirit, even if not in these exact words? Here's the letter from Eileen McHenry from Brighton, Michigan (Newsweek, January 18, 2010):

Whenever an act of terrorism occurs, we respond just the way the terrorist wants: worried discussions about whether America is safe. When we respond with fear, we finish the job the terrorist started. A better way to cover the story would be with commentary like: "A fool would-be terrorist set his own keister on fire on a plane approaching Detroit Metro Airport. He was easily subdued by passengers and his rear end extinguished by a flight attendant. He is now being treated at taxpayer expense. America is laughing at Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab."

Brilliant reporting, Eileen. And I absolutely agree that we only play into the terrorists' hands when we react with fear to every stupid attempt at an attack.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A new year move

A very happy new year to all my readers.

I began 2010 by moving from the Philippines to Singapore. It is a familiar city since I have lived here before, but it's a new phase of my life as I put down a few roots here once again, catch up with old friends, allow myself to be horrified by the rise in prices while I've been away...

A quite nice mix of old and new. I already have a few close friends in Singapore, which is fantastic. No doubt I will make some new friends as well. I will continue with some of the work I was doing in Manila (mostly writing and editing, which can be done anywhere). And I hope to carry on with my counselling and Reiki healing too. But in this new environment it will play out a little differently, I'm sure. Perhaps a different mix of counselling, healing and teaching.

So, I look forward to learning and experiencing a few new things while still enjoying the comfort of being close to good friends in a familiar setting. What more could one ask for? I am thankful for such an easy and yet interesting transition in my life.