Friday, February 27, 2009

A love of postcards

Sometime in my teens -- probably around 15 -- I started collecting postcards. It wasn't a conscious decision, it just happened. In recent years, I've tried to curb this tendency because I feel I can't "do" very much with my collection. I've framed a few, but most just sit around in boxes.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a blog devoted entirely to postcards! Vintage ones from France, with little snippets of information attached to each card. How wonderful. And here I am joining Marie Reed's Postcard Friendship Friday with 2 recently-added cards from my own collection.

This one's an attempt by a small European nation to express with humour its frustration at being mistaken for a much larger country half-way across the world because of the similarity in their names.

The card copies Australian road signs warning of the possibile presence of kangaroos. But the Austrian postcard carries a very different message!

And this is a postcard from Australia -- of a wallaby, which is like a small kangaroo, with a baby peeping out of its pouch. Adorable, isn't it?


  1. Ahhh! No kangaroos in Austria! I have to send that to alll of my Australian friends! Hilarious:) Thanks so much for the smiles.

    I am so excited that you joined! Now I get to dream all about wallaby cuteness tonight:)

  2. Postcard Friendship Friday... Wow, that's an interesting blog carnival! I will update it on my blog. Remarkable how these two postcards ended up in your collection. It's very interesting to see the comparison. I'm enthusiastic for your other postcards. Best wishes :)

  3. I know that I already commented but I wanted to wish you a happy PFF again!

  4. Happy PFF! No kangaroos in Austria??I shall cancel my tour immediately! Wonderful post! The Austrian postcard is probably in English for the benifit of the zillions of Americans who were disinclined to stay awake during their geography lessons in grade school.

  5. Greetings,
    I LOVE the way you juxtaposed the two cards. I'm going to try the same thing with some of mine.
    By the way, be careful, postcard collecting is addictive!
    Evelyn in Montreal

  6. Hi sweetie! I see that you've been too busy to post all week too! I can't believe that tomorrow is Friday! Where did the week go? zooooom!

    I see that you tweet now too! I'm off to add you! ItsNapoleon

  7. Hi Sweetie! I see that you haven't had the time to post this week either! Where has the time gone? zooooooom! I just added you on Twitter ! ItsNapoleon

  8. Hi Marie. I've been in a residential course/retreat. No laptops allowed. :( Will start posting again now that I'm back. And will catch up with you on Twitter and on your blog. A bientot...