Monday, February 9, 2009

TRAVEL STORIES Wedding Party in a Tuk-Tuk

Last summer, my husband and I went for a family wedding to Verona, Italy. While there, we decided to make a side trip to Lake Garda, a beautiful and rather large lake surrounded by the Italian Alps. Beautiful country.

Wandering around a village by the edge of the water, we saw quaint caf├ęs, a beautiful courtyard and a rather imposing castle. Just as we got to the castle, a wedding party came out of the castle grounds in merry mood. This was rather nice, of course.

What was more fun to watch was that the bride and groom, each licking on a gelato, then got into a tuk-tuk – well, I’m not sure what they are called it Italy, but you can see for yourself – decorated with flowers (like a “wedding car”).

Their bridesmaid got in the front with the driver and they made off in this three-wheeled contraption amid much waving and laughter.

I heard them speaking English, so (like us) they were obviously foreigners. I don't suppose too many Italians make off in tuk-tuks eating gelati after their weddings. :)

I was inspired to write this short story after visiting A Traveler's Library (see the post Most Romantic Destination).

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  1. It is such fun to see that you have pictures of the bride and groom. Nice story!