Thursday, April 30, 2009

Makes My Heart Smile Awards

Two of my blogs recently received the Makes My Heart Smile award from Barbara (aka lionmother) over at Barbara's Meanderings. Once again, Barbara, thank you for awarding this blog and Wandering Pam. It is wonderful validation for my blogging efforts.

As an awardee, I now get to pick new blogs for this award.

And the winners are....

Inspirations and Creative Thoughts My absolute favourite blog. It absolutely makes my heart smile – on every single visit. It leans heavily towards Sufi (mystic) Islam, but is open to all mystic traditions. One recent post, for example, is about a Hindu mystic of Bangladesh. Another, older post was a Sufi interpretation of a Buddist mantra. Beautiful Sufi poetry too and Sufi teaching stories. Fabulous Sufi music. I totally love this blog.

Awake in This Life A very interesting blog about the spiritual life by a Buddhist blogger. What I like is that it promotes spirituality in everyday living, not in a cloistered hermit-like existence. Makes one stop and think. And smile.

A Psychotherapist's Journey What I like most, I think, is that Linda Appleman Shapiro makes me pause and think about things. Also, she often writes about things that concern me, but that I haven't written about myself. It’s good to see them expressed – and expressed so well. Lastly, I think, I like the fact that she is a strong woman, a feminist, of my own generation, so I can identify with a lot of what she writes.

Sylvia From Over The Hill Love her pictures and love her words. And love taking part in her Abc Wednesdays – such fun!

The Question of the Day Once again, a blog that makes one stop and think. In a totally fun way. Suzanne really comes up with a question every day - amazing how she manages to sustain this.


  1. Thank you so much for the award! I wish I could take credit for ABC Wednesday, but that is sponsored by Denise Nesbitt at I am glad that you enjoy it and it is fun. Thank you for visiting my blog and I'm happy that it makes you smile. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Dear Pamposh,
    Its such a joy and honor to receive your 'Makes My Heart Smile' award. Please accept my deep appreciation. Yours is also a wonderful space. May you be blessed.

  3. Sylvia: Oops. My apologies to Denise. I always go to it from your blog, so I got confused. And along the way I get to see your beautiful pix and read your posts. Forgot to say I love the Kahlil Gibran quotations on your blog.

  4. Pamposh: Nice recommendations, but I couldn't find an active blog for Linda Shapiro. Did she actually stop posting in December 2008?

  5. Congratulations to all the awardees! Have a great weekend with a lot of smiles :)

  6. Vera Marie: I just heard from Linda Appleman Shapiro - 1 second after I'd written a reply to your question! (I have since deleted my original reply.)
    It looks like she is still active in the blogosphere. Let's hope she'll write more good stuff soon!