Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love and loss

Nine years ago today, I lost my 20-year-old nephew. Thousands of families lost loved ones that day in a horrific earthquake in western India, so we weren't the only ones to suffer loss. But each family deals with tragedy in its own way.

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  1. Hi Pam,

    I used to think, occasionally when I read the all too brief reports -- in the inside pages of Indian newspapers -- of traffic accidents claiming lives and limbs that the statistical chances of this hitting nearer to home was rather high.
    And how they did hit. My brother in early Jan 2000 in a road accident and his daughter, my only niece, in May 2003. A case of lightning hitting the same (albeit not place but) family twice.


  2. Sometimes life seems to cruel; almost perverse.
    My heart goes out to you (and the rest of your family).
    Having thought quite a lot about "life" over the years, I still can't say if it is indeed cruel or simply random chaos or what. But I do now believe that if we can see death for what it truly is, our own perception shifts in a major, major way. I don't believe life, or love, ends with death. Life takes a different form and love lives on. That may sound a bit trite, but many of life's fundamental truths do in fact sound like "sound bytes."
    Big hug.