Monday, December 26, 2011

Life is as you see it...

A friend finally inspired me to get off my butt and join her Pilates class. She has an instructor who teaches not more than 3 people at a time, so she can give individual attention (or almost) to her students.

So my friend and I showed up to ask if she would take us on together. She took one look at us and exclaimed: “My goodness! You are totally different!!” Poor thing, she has her work cut out for her – I think she has taken it on as a challenge. She gets us to do different exercises for most of the hour, and watches over both of us to make sure we do it right.

Her gut reaction to the two of us – as potential Pilates students – made me laugh. It’s true, of course – I have 20 plus years on my friend and I won’t say just how many kilos. And she’s a good 8 inches taller than me. (Hey, I’m just as gorgeous as her, just in a different way! :))

Funny thing, though – I always thought we were so alike. Because our values, and many of our ideas, are so similar. The only difference I had really noticed was the difference in age – because we are, of course, at different stages in life; but also because, despite the age difference, we share so many ideas and values!

I guess life is as you see it.  And how you see it depends on your perspective – a Pilates teacher must assess physical fitness and needs, a Reiki teacher is more likely to notice ideas and values. Simple. Good to see things from a different perspective once in a while though – shakes things up and keeps life interesting.

P.S. – Our Pilates classes are a lot of fun. More about that in another post perhaps.

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